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Old Yacht Outsourcing


Old Yacht Outsourcing

is a lead generation company that specializes in home improvement lead generation via telemarketing. we work on the principle that every cent that comes to your pocket is coming out of somebody else’s so we primarily focus on the quality of the leads. our vision is to be a value accelerator through innovative business practices, committed delivery systems and true-value enterprise solutions worldwide.  Our work doesn't begin and end with the execution of our customer's project. Our vision is to be a world class outsourcing company and at the heart of this vision, lays the core concept of responsibility. At O.Y.O, we believe we are responsible  to our customers, to our employees, and to society at large. Sharing our knowledge and expertise to create value is our ultimate goal.


To succeed in an extremely competitive market scenario, where newer and better means are being devised every day, Needless to say, your business needs to have that X-factor to stay competitive.OYO is your trusted partner in reducing the cost of operations and enhancing the profits.Cost optimization is the core mantra for our success.

OYO with its innovative and result-oriented strategies, gets you the kind of exposure you desire.

OYO is always on the lookout for giving your business the maximum leverage in a new market, so that you can find new customers to serve better, and not just rely on the existing ones; because every product has a life cycle, and its better to have options rather than being forced to shift gears.




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